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Mounting the W: network drive

While the ServiceDesk will tell you this is impossible, I have finally figured out how to mount the 'W: disc' when connected to the HAN staff network using a non-HAN laptop (e.g. one running Linux). Drop me a note if you're interested.

Sharing files using SURFdrive

One workaround for sharing files with your coworkers is to use SUFRdrive. Currently, the project is in a pilot phase. You can contact the HAN ServiceDisk and ask to be added to that group. You'll receive an email to which you'll heve to reply that that you're ok with the beta character of the project, and you're in (may take a day or two).

There is no Linux client for SURFdrive, but you can use the FOSS ownCloud client. As the server address, use You can share files by copying them into shared directories on your local disc, and set sharing permissions using the web interface. Note that once you setup a sync connection between a local directory and the SURFdrive root directory, no other connections are possible. Hence, for flexibility it is preferable to create a subdir on SURFdrive and connect your local dir to that. Of course, in order to share files, your colleagues will need an account too.

Ideally, I would like to have a Windows machine that syncs the network directories that I need with my SURFdrive, but if I understand correctly, SUFRdrive doesn't work on HAN-controlled laptops (but the IT-department might be able to help out there), whereas the network share can't be mounted on non-HAN-controlled laptops (true?), so they may be mutually exclusive...

The command-line client

The ownCloud client comes with a command-line version called owncloudcmd, which is useful for scripting and cron jobs. This version doesn't use the config file — all options must be provided on the commmand line. Simply type owncloudcmd to get an overview of the options.

WebDAV user name password

You will need a webdav password. Go to the SURFdrive website, and in the top-right click on your photo (account) and select Personal. In the menu on the left, click on WebDAV and in the page body click on the Generate password button. Your user name is simply <your>.


Sync your whole SURFdrive to/from a local directory:
owncloudcmd --nonshib --user <user@domain> --password <webDAV passwd> ~/localDir/

Sync a single SURFdrive directory to/from a local directory:
owncloudcmd --nonshib --user <user@domain> --password <webDAV passwd> ~/localDir/