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Receiving email using pop or imap

I use DavMail to provide IMAP or POP which you can use with a client like Thunderbird (for mail and calendar, though the latter doesn't work perfectly). The davmail website gives instructions on how to set things up. Important is that the address of the Exchange server is (you may need to excape the colon). You can either run the graphical program as a normal user; I use the daemon that starts whenever I boot my laptop (a few times a year, though the connection is sometimes halted so that I need to restart the DavMail daemon).

GUI mode

Follow the instructions on the website under Linux setup.

Daemon mode

I had to set
in /etc/ and start the daemon.

Thunderbird email (IMAP)

Sending email

Set your outgoing (smtp) server in e.g. Thunderbird to

Thunderbird calendar

Support has improved over 2015-2017 (it used to be one-way traffic). This solution also uses DavMail (see the DavMail website for instructions). Directly connecting to the Exchange server doesn't seem to work in my case: