HAN Energy colloquium on Thursday 17 January 2019

Title: Energy storage in battery systems
Speaker: Jasper Hendricks, DNV GL
Date: Thursday 17 January 2019, 14:30-15:30
Location: R26, B3.20

Energy storage in battery systems

Jasper Hendricks holds an MSc in Sustainable development from the University of Utrecht. He has recently picked up the position as consultant in energy storage at DNV GL in Arnhem.

In this colloquium, Mr. Hendricks will discuss the technology and functionality that are needed for small- and large-scale electrical energy storage in battery systems, and the coupling to the power grid. The technology involves the parts that make up a battery system, control, security, and the necessary cooling or heating. For the functionality, one needs to assess the amount of storage needed for a given house, neighbourhood, solar or wind farm, etc., as well as other system properties, and what these depend on. This also involves market availability and legislation. An interesting case is formed by off-grid systems, where short-term storage can be achieved by battery systems, but in particular seasonal storage poses a large problem.

The HAN Energy colloquium

The HAN Energy colloquium (guest lectures on renewable energy) is organised roughly twice a month by the Sustainable energy research group (Lectoraat Duurzame energie) of the Technology faculty of the HAN, in the context of the focus point 'Sustainable energy and environment'. We invite different speakers from the private and public sectors to present and discuss a variety of topics in the field of sustainable-energy technology. Researchers, teachers and students are invited to attend these meetings. An overview of the current series of colloquia, and more details, can be found on http://han.vandersluys.nl/colloquia/.